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For the past 20 years, Sikhya Curriculum has been used in over 30 Gurdwara Sahib Schools worldwide.

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What is Sikhya Curriculum?

Sikhya offers a challenging and appealing curriculum in a purely personal environment that is a comprehensive package of Gurmukhi and Gurmat books and other administrative material to run a Khalsa school.

We believe that we need to come together as a community to nurture every child and ensure that they lead an inspired life. This requires a union of families, teachers, and administrators working together to create an environment that cherishes learning and growth.

In Imparting education, an extensive package of Gurmukhi and Gurmat books is presented. A variety of workbooks are offered as a guideline for the kids by the teachers to get the required information. The book material provided is “Easy to read” and “easy to understand”, which is reviewed and edited by mentors, and experts. Children are then engaged in Quizzes, Assessment tests, Question banks, and final exams.

Don’t just take our words for it, we want you to get a set of all the books for yourself. We will be happy to send a sample of all the books at no cost to you.

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Sikhya Academy

Sikhya Academy is on stream Sikh Education Platform on Schoology, a very prominent learning management system used by 40 million users globally. Also, a Schoology platform that inspires and motivates kids to explore the core values of Sikhi which express Generosity, Strength, and the Teachings of our Gurus.

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Sikhya is dedicated to creating engaging and accessible avenues for discovering, exploring, and nurturing the love for Sikhi. Our team of volunteers brings together experience in a variety of fields to create books, videos, toys, curricula for schools, and an online learning platform. From those just beginning to learn to those who are teaching others, there’s something for everyone.

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Our goal is to make quality Gurmat education accessible to everyone and you can help.